Popular Facebook group brings back memories

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South Walton residents young and old can now share their stories of growing up in the seaside towns by posting their hilarious and heartwarming memories on a new Facebook page.

The group, Memories Growing up in South Walton, states, “this group may become addictive. Joining this group and reading all posts could lead to possible loss of job, spouse, children and sleep, may increase tears and memories, enter at your own risk.”

With almost 250 members, there’s plenty to talk about.

Conversations revolve around partying in old rocket launch bunkers, influential teachers, gone-but-not-forgotten restaurants and romantic nights.

Member Luann Griffin remembers, “Partying at the clay pits! Hunter inviting a bunch of FSU pretty boys out there. Things turned ugly, we left in a hurry.”

Another member, Judi Rutlan writes, “I remember wild hogs running down Lakeview Drive.”

Carol Sue McCrite replied, “There were wild hogs everywhere in SW. We had bobcat and a panther at our house so they stayed clear.”

Adrianne Walline Campbell wrote, “We had wild hogs and boar eating out of our dog dish in Grayton!”

Other individuals remember old sights and sounds.

James Ferguson talked about Eden Gardens.

“Lois Maxon owned the house and grounds before turning it over to the park. She invested a lot of time, money and energy into the house and gardens, bequeathing it to the state when she could no longer manage it. My mother helped her to settle her estate, with Lois moving to Pensacola. My mother came to know her through the local garden club, which was quite strong then.”

Bobby Johnson remembers, “Paradise cafe, Beach view with Scott Johnson and the Blue Heron.”

Robbie Rutland remembered, “old billboards at the end of 331.”

And Dee Wight said she loved” LaFountains Wharf restaurant, right next door to Sexton’s Seafood Market when it was on the docks in Destin.”

Sandy Dunkel Elfrink responded, “The yellow Shooting Star was beautiful in the first slip by the Wharf! And A.J.’s started out as an open air oyster hut!”

Whether it’s talk about wild animals or wild nights, members utilize the social media web site to get back to their roots.

Join the conversation by liking the group on Facebook.

“For those of you who do not know, I am currently working overseas. This wall is a double-edged sword,” Member Keri Lee Carpenter writes. “It is so fun to read but it sure can make a person home sick. I do not know who thought to put it up but thank you to whoever you are.”

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